Meeting Mr. Mogul

By: Mel Ryle

I looked up at him with a forced smile. “Thank you. I think I do need to rest for a moment.”

“I can take it from here, officer. Thank you for driving him here,” Billy turned to the police officer, who still lingered by the door of the police cruiser.

“Okay. Have a good day both of you. I’m glad I could help,” The office titled his head before sliding inside the driver seat.

We watched the police cruiser back away from the driveway before entering his house. I couldn’t believe she lied to him. When I get back, I would give her a piece of my mind. But since I am here, I should try and get information out of the man who partly raised her. I need to know who this ex-boyfriends was, and possibly the truth of Mr. Peterson’s illness. I have to make the most of this visit and gather as much information I have about the girl who I couldn’t seem to let go.

And then, I remembered what I said to the officer back in the police station. ‘I love Andy. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her intentionally.’ There was no going back with those words. I finally said them out loud. I’ve fallen in love with Andy Peterson.

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